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Hi guys, I think its been a few months since the last update.

I'm not dead and neither is the comic. It's been a long while for a few reasons. One being that as soon as I took a hiatus (which was supposed to be a short one) I was approached with an offer from Skybound, in which we ran and completed a kickstarter (click the banner at the top of the page for details if you missed it). After that I spent a few months preparing all the rewards for the campaign, and as soon as I completed them, my husband lost his job on the east coast, and obtained a new one on the west coast. For this we had to immediately pack up our entire apartment, drive across country with our cats, look for a new apartment, unpack, so on and so forth, and so for a few months I had no access to my computer.

During this time, before and after the move, I was chipping away at the next update, which is a video, which is now complete. The site is undergoing maintenance to prepare for it, but it will be up soon. After this I'll only be posting panels for a very long time. The next video will be the animation out of Studio Yotta. Thank you for sticking around, I really hope you enjoy the next update.


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