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Hey everyone,

An update will be out soon. I've decided to start updating the comic in large chunks, so for example this next update will be about 40 panels. Twitter, as always, will have updates on when I post. Also, this autumn I will hopefully be running another kickstarter for a reprint of book one and a new printing of book two. Follow my twitter for official announcements, or check your messages on kickstarter for any updates that will happen.

Finally, in lieu of making longer updates, I have started a new twitch channel, on which I will be streaming weekly the making of updates, every Tuesday and Thursday at 1pm PST. I'll have other random streams as well when I feel up to it, but those days will be offical stream days. You can follow at the link here @tiny_paint, you can also check out my feed on twitter for stream links:

Thanks again everyone for your continued support and patience :)


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